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In 2020 wedding cake designer, Leia Perez inspired businesses and wedding industry professionals to donate their money and services to host a free wedding to a deserving couple in need. This was a gift that was intended to celebrate one deserving couple but the designer received many amazing love stories making it difficult to just choose one, and thus Wedding Wish was formed.


“This project is dedicated to the many survivors, and sadly to the ones we've lost to cancer.  It’s hard enough planning a budget-conscious wedding without the additional struggles of medical hurdles and bills. We just want to help where we can.”



Through the generous support of our volunteer and donation-based network, we want to help couples facing serious illness and life-altering health circumstances have a truly memorable celebration of their love. The goal is to partner with other local wedding industry professionals with a vision to give couples and their loved ones a day away from serious illness. Due to health-related circumstances outside of their control, the couples we are trying to honor have endured far greater challenges than many of us could possibly imagine and we aim to celebrate their love for one another.



We envision for each couple a day that provides a temporary escape from worry and creates a positive memory during a difficult time. Memories have magical powers. Long after the day is gone, the memories linger – memories of the kindness of a stranger, of the beauty of the decor, of the cake being cut and shared between you, of the smiles and laughs on the dance floor, of a truly love filled experience. These memories are our vision for each Wedding Wish.



We treat all our clients, donors and staff with dignity, respect, kindness, encouragement and compassion.

 Each year, we aim to partner with various local and national 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to provide financial support. Types of beneficiaries we will fund include those that:

· Support women with serious health issues, specifically pertaining to the top two causes of death in women: cancer and heart disease

· Promote positive self-image and self-esteem for young women

· Support women in the military

· Provide relief for single mothers, abused women and women who are disabled

· Promote opportunities for women’s education and women in the workforce.